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The Most Popular Diamonds Ring and Engagement Ring Specification

The Most Popular Diamonds Ring and Engagement Ring Specification

One of the most popular diamond shapes at Diamond is the Round, cushion, Heart, emerald, and other shape diamonds. Customers that choose a higher quality cut over a larger carat size frequently do so. Choose a Very Good cut for your cushion and Round cut diamond to maximize radiance. Put your cushion and Round cut diamond in a halo design. if you want to make it appear larger. The little diamonds that surround your cushion and Round cut will give the impression of a larger stone while also adding sparkle. A stylish solitaire setting will make your cushion and Round cut diamond stand out. Shiv Shambu Provided Many shape and very good cut diamonds. If are you looking diamonds, you are here right place.

Round Diamonds and Diamond Ring

Round cut diamonds also known as brilliant-cut diamonds, are prized for their timeless beauty and dazzling radiance. The spherical shape was designed with 58 facets or 57 if there is no culet to provide as much glitter as possible.

Round shapes are extremely popular since many people want sparkle when they buy a diamond. Choose an Ideal cut diamond for the greatest brilliance from your round cut diamond. Mostly diamonds in our inventory are round, making it simple to locate the perfect match for your requirements. Round cut diamonds are not only the most dazzling, but they are also the most popular.

Cushion Diamonds Ring

Cushion Cut Diamonds are next, followed by princess-cut Diamonds Oval-cut diamonds have become more popular in recent years. Before going diamond shopping, equip yourself with both the 4C. Choose the best cut grade possible to acquire a lovely, glittering diamond.

To discover more about diamonds at your own pace, visit our education site. You can request HD photographs or videos of your diamond if they aren't already available. Do you require assistance in picking the ideal Diamonds, To get a live, in-depth look at your diamond, chat with a member of our Diamond Concierge team or arrange an appointment with one of our non-commissioned Virtual Gemologists.

Halo Engagement Rings with Diamonds

The halo is our most popular engagement ring design.  Shiv Shambu are set in a design around the central stone in halo engagement rings. A halo encircles the main stone, making it appear larger than it is a double halo design encircles the central stone with two rows of diamonds. They're a wonderful, low-cost approach to get that attention-getting look. Colored gemstones can be used in your halo or as your center stone to enhance contrast and create a different style.

Consider a diamond with a length to width ratio of 1.00 to 1.05. If you want a classic square shaped cushion cut diamond, choose one with a length to width ratio of 1.00 to 1.05. The length to breadth ratio of an extended cushion cut  Diamonds will be 1.06 to 1.10. Elongated cushion cut diamonds and square shaped cushion cut diamonds are both available at Shiv Shambu. Cushion cut diamonds are ideal for stud earrings and solitaire pendants in handmade jewelry. All earth grown diamonds are certified by the GIA and XRAP, two of the world's most prestigious independent grading laboratories. Before you buy any cut diamond, make sure to look at HD photographs with HD quality video of it. You may also schedule a free Virtual Gemologist visit to have your cushion cut diamond analyzed in detail.

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