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Ice Crush Diamonds


This is a unique brand we are only offerings in the Diamond industry. In this category of diamonds looks like ICE is Crushing into the glass. Due to the unique feature of the brand, these diamonds are comparatively more expensive than the other diamonds usually 20-25%. But it looks fabulous when we mount it on Rings and Jewelry, it gives an immense look to the beauty of end consumers. Ice and crush are terms usually utilized in urban slang to describe diamonds, often regarding their fine, appearance, or value. but, those terms do not have precise definitions within the diamond enterprise or gemological requirements. Their meanings can vary relying on the context and the individuals use of them. Ice is regularly used as a slang time period to explain diamonds that can be of high excellent and have a significant sparkle or brilliance. it's miles generally associated with diamonds which can be clean, colorless, and well-cut, allowing them to reflect light efficiently and create a magnificent look.
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