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Why does the GIA Diamond Grading Scale start with a D is a common question. Grades A-C, 1-3, I-III, etc. were used in the arcane system. The GIA began its scale debut with the D grade in an effort to standardize these various systems

What should you look for when buying a diamond:-

The beauty of diamonds is not only in the eyes of the grader but also in the eyes of the buyer. People are attracted to diamonds when they are practical and quantitative as well as have the potential to be emotional.
Chemically pure and structurally complete diamond is completely transparent without any colour. Chemical impurities and structural defects in the crystal lattice can affect the diamond.
Impurities in diamonds cause colour in diamonds. Diamonds are of many colours: steel grey, white, blue, pink, yellow, brown, black, green etc.

What is the best colour for the diamond:-

Diamond is generally colourless. the colour of the diamond is transparent. As the colour of the diamond increases the quality of the diamond also decreases. Measure the colour of the diamond, it is done by the gemological institute of America and GIA. A scale is given to ensure the colour of the diamond D to Z. some diamond colours show yellow and brown. The diamond acquires its colour through extreme heat and pressure. The diamond we call a ‘white diamond’ is not actually white.

Diamonds colour grades:-

The diamond colour scale starts at D and ends at Z. the closer a diamond is to D, the more colourless it is, and the more it is sought. And closer to Z is more colour and less in demand,

● D, E and F colour diamonds are colourless.
● G and H colour diamonds are colourless and small but are of the best value.
● The closer you get to Z, the more yellow or brown they appear.

Gemologists use master stones to compare and determine the colour of a diamond. Master diamonds are diamonds that have already been colour graded by an independent laboratory. Diamond shapes like oval, princess, marquis, cushion etc. will create a brilliant shine, but luster does not change the colour grade of a diamond. The most popular diamond colour is white. Mostly white diamonds are used for engagement rings. The highest colour grade for a diamond is D. Diamonds of this grade are rare. Diamonds of D grade are not seen in traditional jewelry. There is a slight presence of colour in most diamonds used in jewelry. It is possible to have too high a concentration of the desired colour here. These diamonds are known as stranded and can be found in shades of yellow, green, pink, blue and mostly rarely red.