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You Can Buy Five Diamonds With Your Investment Money

You Can Buy Five Diamonds With Your Investment Money

GIA-certified diamonds are available from Shiv Shambu in a variety of shapes and carats. Diamonds are a form of carbon utilized to create gemstones. On the other hand, the transformation of carbon into that rock is never routine. 

Heart Cut Diamonds

Heart-shaped diamonds, on the other hand, account for a minuscule percentage of all diamonds sold each year, making them a unique, uncommon, and exceptional choice.

The heart-shaped cut is based on the very famous Round Cut Diamond, despite its appearance. A heart-shaped diamond typically has 56 to 58 facets, with the pavilion having 50-60 facets. A heart-shaped diamond cut to a high level of quality can have amazing brilliance as well as an eye-catching shape that represents your and your partner's mutual love.

Asscher Cut Diamonds

Asscher cut Diamond like emerald cuts in appearance, with the most visible difference being that they are square rather than rectangular. This cut has large step facets and a high crown, giving it a brightness that no other diamond shape can equal. A square diamond with deeply trimmed edges is known as an Asscher cut diamond. Asscher cut diamonds dazzle because of their wide step facets and high crown. The Asscher cut is similar to the Emerald cut but in a square shape. The diamond's corners are clipped to give it that unique look.

Cushion Cut Diamonds

Pear Cut Diamonds

Even though Pear Cut Diamonds are the fourth most expensive diamond form, we're already talking about a savings of about $1,500 when compared to a round diamond & Diamond dealer. 

Marquise Diamonds

They can be purchased for anywhere between $ 9000 and $ 14000, depending on the cut, color, and clarity of the diamonds. 2 Carat Marquise Cut Diamonds: The GIA certified 2-carat marquise cut diamonds are extremely popular due to their enormous size. Marquise Cut Diamonds are elegant, softly curving diamonds with pointed ends. 

On our online store, we have a large selection of Lab-Certified Diamonds. So don't forget to look through our amazing diamond collection on our website. You can also compare lab-created and natural diamonds in person by making an appointment at our online Store ShivShambu, New York, USA. 

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