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Diamond Shape

Diamond Shape

Round Cut Diamond Oval Cut Diamond Princess Cut Diamond Emerald Cut Diamond Radiant Cut Diamond Cushion Cut Diamond Marquise Cut Diamond Heart Cut Diamond Asscher Cut Diamond European Cut Diamond Other Cut Diamond

Diamond Shape

Diamond Shape refers to the physical appearance of a Diamond, Mostly it carries Two groups including Fancy and Round Diamonds. Whereas, Fancy Includes all the diamonds apart from Round Such as Pear, Oval, Princess, Marquise, Emerald, Cushion, Radiant, Etc., Round Shape Diamond Includes Only Round Diamond.

Diamond is an organic material. Its atoms are arranged in the form of crystals. Diamond is a well-known allotrope of carbon. Diamond is the hardest material. Diamond is such a strong material that no other material can cut it. For industrial applications, diamond is used with jewelry and is used to reflect the sun's rays. The melting point of a diamond is dependent on the applied pressure. The shape of the diamond refers to the shape of the diamond’s outline. The shape of the diamond reflects the geometric appearance of the diamond
The shape of a diamond has been divided into two categories: round cut diamond and fancy cut diamond.

Diamond is found in many shapes today. For this the technology of cutting has contributed, due to the progress in technologies, today we are making diamonds in better and more ways.
Diamonds have been in many shapes like oval, marquis, princess, heart, trapeze, cushion, emerald, asscher, etc.


During the Victorian, Edwardian, and art deco eras the vintage, European cut was a popular diamond choice. As knowledge and technology advanced over time, diamond-cutting techniques became more sophisticated. By the way, the new shape of the diamond also kept coming. The minor difference between old European diamonds and round cut diamonds the old European diamond has triangular facets and a round and with thinner sides.
Round-cut diamond is the most popular diamond shape for its sheer luster. Its shin is so brilliant. Round brilliant diamonds are cut to shine. There are more than 56 aspects that reflect lights. Round-cut diamonds are used in engagement rings and necklaces.

Fancy Cut Diamonds:-

A fancy-cut diamond is the shape of any diamond other than a round brilliant. The most standard cuts sold today are the Asscher cut, princess cut, oval cut, heart-shaped, marquis shape, radiant cut and etc. there are many types of shapes in the fancy cut diamond they are also fireproof and their luster is also round cut diamond. Some fancy-cut diamonds are cut as step cuts and mixed cuts. The step cut consists of long, narrow, four-side facets arranged in a row parallel to the waistband on both the crown and the pavilion.

Princess cut diamond is the most popular fancy-shaped diamond. This diamond is the best for its contemporary style and shine. Princess cuts are sharp corners with square-modified brilliant cuts. Depending on the ratio of length to width, these cut diamonds can be shown as square and rectangular in shape.

Oval cut diamond provides shine, durability, or style. If seen for an engagement ring, it gives a new look to the ring. The most common and classic shape is the oval shape, the most popular and allowing more light to enter. Its brightness increased as more light entered.

Cushion-cut diamond combines a square cut with rounded corners. This classic cut has been around for 180–190 years and was the most popular diamond shape for the first century of its existence. Cushion diamonds are still quite brilliant, but less lustrous than round diamonds. Many people prefer the high brilliance of cushion cuts, while others prefer the high overall shine of round diamonds.

Emerald-cut diamond is a beautiful diamond shape and is sometimes referred to as a square emerald cut. It was initially made for emeralds, a popular diamond cut into fancy-shaped diamonds. The emerald diamond has long, rectangular facets, and this gives it a sophisticated and eye-catching beauty.

Asscher cut diamonds are no different, with the story behind their invention, popularity, decline, and recent re-popularity. Although it is currently one of the most famous diamond cuts. An Asscher shape diamond is an octagonal diamond with a square shape and layered faceted faces.

Radiant cut diamonds have a silhouette shape similar to the shape of an emerald, but their facets are cut in the same way as round diamonds. This means that the appearance of the diamond has a dazzling brilliance, which hypnotizes those who look at it. All diamond shapes, round and brilliant provide the lightest return and shine.

European-cut diamond is an excellent choice for jewelry. In terms of setting, OEC diamonds look great with settings that feature details and intricate designs, which highlight the beauty of the stone.

Pear diamonds are also known as teardrops or padlock cuts. This is called a modified splendid cut, which mixes marquis and oval cuts with a rounded end and a point on the other.

Heart Diamond shape is one of the rarest and is currently considered the most popular of all Fancy Diamond shapes. Heart-shaped diamonds are a modified version of Round Diamonds.

Marquise-Cut Diamonds are about 10% - 20 % less expensive than other Cut Diamonds, it's depending on the size and quality.

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