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There are many factors to consider when choosing a diamond for your engagement ring, but diamonds also have their own set of fascinating and interesting facts that you may not be aware of. It's no surprise that royals, princesses, and mythological gods have craved diamonds for generations. These fascinating facts demonstrate how unique diamonds are in the world.

Diamonds are treasured for their incredible hardness, unmatched brilliance, and emotional importance. Diamonds are built up almost completely of carbon atoms and are so tough that the only mineral that can scratch their surface is just another diamond.

Are Diamonds Really Forever?

De Beers revolutionized the diamond industry in 1947. Their slogan, "A diamond is forever," was groundbreaking at the time and is still relevant.
Theoretically, diamonds will last forever. Chemically, they won’t. Graphite is a more stable form of carbon, so a diamond would eventually transform into graphite… but there’s more to the story than that.

Why diamond is so expensive?

As mines reach the end of their useful lives, diamond production is decreasing. Diamonds are costly because they are expensive to produce, there is a limited supply of excellent grade diamonds, and people all over the world want to acquire them. It's just a matter of supply and demand.

Why do some diamonds shine or others don’t?

Shining of the diamonds totally depends upon followings: -

Cut: -

A diamond cut is a style or design guide used when shaping a diamond for polishing such as the brilliant cut. Cut does not refer to shape, but the symmetry, proportioning and polish of a diamond. The cut of a diamond greatly affects a diamond's brilliance; this means if it is cut poorly, it will be less luminous.

Clarity: -

The assessment of minor flaws on the surface and within the stone is known as diamond clarity. Internal faults are classified as inclusions, and external flaws are classified as blemishes. In most circumstances, overall beauty of a diamond is unaffected by inclusions because they aren't visible to the naked eye. Instead of naming inclusions flaws, gemologists define to them as "internal features." A natural diamond's structure is determined by its internal characteristics. It's also important to note that diamonds with the smallest and fewest inclusions obtain the highest clarity grading, as well as higher prices.
Remember that each diamond is one-of-a-kind, not perfect. They're created underground under extreme pressure and heat. Natural flaws and impurities are inevitable.


The diamond’s color also has an effect on a gemstone’s sparkle. Diamonds with less color tend to shine more brightly, as they have less absorption than lesser-colored stones. When it comes to a diamond’s brilliance, less color is better.

A dirty stone doesn't sparkle because light simply can't enter the diamond and causes it to appear dull. So, if you notice your diamond jewelry getting cloudier overtime, it's likely due to a dirty surface and there's an easy fix to restore their luster.

What are the factors that affect the Diamonds Prices?

Diamond prices are influenced by a variety of factors. The major determinants of the price of diamonds are color, clarity, carat (size), cut, shape, and fluorescence. The price will increase by 5% to 30% if there is a difference in a single grade or level.

However, the Cut Grade and Fluorescence would've been considered by the vendor while determining the selling price. An "Excellent" cut diamond, for example, is always 10% to 20% more expensive than a "Good" cut diamond. A stone with "Strong" fluorescence, on the other hand, is always 10% to 20% less expensive than one with "None or Faint" fluorescence. Our trained consultants will explain in detail the pricing differences associated with different diamond grading if you enquired.

World largest diamond ever found and its name?

A 3,106-carat diamond is discovered during a regular check by the mine's supervisor on January 25, 1905, at the Premier Mine in Pretoria, South Africa. It was the biggest diamond ever discovered, weighing 1.33 pounds and dubbed the "Cullinan."

The Cullinan was eventually split into nine enormous stones and nearly 100 smaller ones, with a total value of millions of dollars. The greatest stone, known as the "Star of Africa I" or "Cullinan I," is the world's largest-cut fine-quality colorless diamond, weighting 530 carats. The "Star of Africa II" or "Cullinan II," the second largest stone, weighs 317 carats. Both of these stones, as well as the "Cullinan III," are on display in the Tower of London alongside the rest of Britain's crown jewels; the Cullinan I is set in the Royal Scepter of the British Sovereign, while the Cullinan II is set in the Imperial State Crown.

What should I keep in mind while buying a diamond?

7 Factors to Consider When Buying a Diamond

Carat :- Gemologists measure a diamond's weight in metric carats.
Color :- Only a few diamonds are truly colorless.
Clarity :- As diamonds are formed far below the earth's surface, they acquire internal inclusions and external blemishes.

How can we identify the real or fake diamonds?

There are so many methods through which you can identify the real vs fake Diamonds. Some of them are: -

  • Water Test
  • Fog Test
  • Heat the Stone and See if it Shatters
  • UV Light Test
  • Newspaper/‘Read-Through’ Effect
  • The Dot Test
  • Sparkle Test
  • Inspecting a Diamond with a Loupe
  • Using A Thermal Conductivity Probe (aka “The Diamond Tester”)

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