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Diamond Girdle

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Diamond Girdle: - The Diamond Girdle Refers to the separation of Crown (top) and Pavilion (Bottom) in Diamonds. If a Diamond is having a Medium Girdle, then we can say that it is a perfectly proportioned diamond and every diamonds is having a Girdle. Due to Girdle When you look a diamond from the top it gives you the outline.

What is Girdle?
Diamonds are the most popular. Used with jewellery and jewellery worn by women or worn by men in the whole world. diamonds have many parts, one of the girdle, the girdle is the outer edge of the diamond, and the girdle is divided into two parts of diamonds top part is the crown and the other is a pavilion. A girdle can also be called three diameters of a diamond. The girdle is the widest part of the diamond in the girdle obtained wide and its length is measured in millimetres Girdle's thickness depends on the show The higher the thickness of the girdle, so the diamond will look smaller. Girdle size is looking by the optical measuring device (microscope)

Girdles are divided into three categories:-

There are three types of girdle first is an unpolished girdle, second is a polished girdle, a faceted girdle

1. Unpolished girdle:- A few decades ago, beautiful and brilliant cut diamonds had rough and unpolished girdles because there weren’t more tools available at the time. That's why they didn't polish the diamonds. If there was no good polish, it did not reflect the reflection of sunlight properly and did not look brilliant even in sight.
2. Polished girdle:- A polished girdle means that the entire outer edge of the diamond is polished in a single and clear aspect. With the polished surface and girdle, it will reflect sunlight into the straight path and look so florence.
3. Faceted girdle:- It is the best and most popular with today’s diamond cutters. It contains common finishing. The most common finish found on more modern designs is a faceted girdle that helps with diamond performance. It is recommended style.

Girdle rating:- Before buying a diamond, a lot of things are emphasised, the grade, cut, clarity, colour, carat and shape of the diamond. And lastly, the most important thing is its finishing in which we see whether the diamond is shiny or not. The Florence of a Diamond Depends on Its Polish. When buying a diamond, more emphasis is placed on the finishing of the girdle. Girdley's thinness and thickness affect the symmetry and proportion of diamonds. When a diamond is certified by the experts it will record the thickness and thinness of the girdle. Girdley's rating is presented in percentages.

According to girdle’s thickness, is divided into various categories, extremely thin, very thin, thin, slightly thin, medium, slightly thick, thick, very thick, extremely thick

Extremely thin:- this type of girdle is very very thin and the effect is negligible (not visible with necked eyes). It may be more sensitive to peeling and cracking. If the Girdle is too thin, the diamond may be shallow.
Very thin:- If the girdle is very thin, then it needs to be taken care of more. The very thin girdle does not give an excellent result.
Medium girdle:- Medium-grade girdles are neither too thin nor too thick and have a minor peeling chance. It is a combination of thin and medium
Slightly thick:- Its grade is near to perfect girdle. Minor risk of peeling. Does not affect the cut grade. In this, the depth of the diamond does not occur too deep.
Thick:- this girdle is thicker and more alluring. It makes diamonds good-looking, increases the height slightly and gives a good result and good cut grade.