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Canadian Brand Diamonds

Canadian Diamonds

The name itself defines this brand that stones directly come from Canadian mines and have some of the finest mines in the world. The best thing about these diamonds is that all these diamonds are totally conflict-free. Retail customers can also track the full stone details and the UIN Number of the stone. So that customers can’t face any problems and Shiv Shambu is strict with policy. We only sell conflict-free diamonds in our store. These Brands are comparatively more expensive than the diamonds found in other countries like Russia and Africa (usually 10-20% more). Shiv Shambu allows you to purchase the best price from the market with special services. Canadian diamonds are diamonds that are mined in Canada. Canada has become a significant producer of high-quality diamonds, known for their exceptional clarity and color. The country's diamond mining industry has gained prominence in recent years due to its commitment to ethical and sustainable practices.
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