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Loose Diamonds: A Buyers Complete Guide | Shiv Shambu

Loose Diamonds: A Buyers Complete Guide | Shiv Shambu

The large number of high-quality diamonds are sold loose Diamonds. if are you looking for a Diamonds or when you buy a loose diamond, you have more options: you can get the actual shape, size, and quality that you want. The loose Diamonds  can then be set in the accurate engagement ring or jewelry design you desire in your exact size. It's one of the few occasions in your life when you can order exactly what you want.

You can now choose from thousands of loose diamonds online. And, thanks to online jewelry specialists like Shiv Shambu, you can also design engagement rings from sketch, either from an existing design customized to your diamond or from sketch. Purchasing a loose diamond does not have to be challenging, but there are multiple choices available on Shiv Shambu. Here is a buying checklist to ensure you get the right loose diamond for you.

Ensure that the Diamond is GIA Certified

It is impossible to buy online for loose diamonds without first determining the diamond's quality. Choose a certified diamond with a grading report from the Gemological Institute of America or American Gem Society Laboratories, also known as GIA and AGS, to ensure that you know accurately what you 're receiving. These two labs are internationally renowned non-profit organizations with a mission to protect consumers. GIA is the gold standard: they invented the 4 C and the diamond grading system that is used all over the world. AGS was the first to issue ideal cut grades and the pioneer of diamond cut grading.

What difference does it make if the diamond is graded by one of these top labs? Because they are widely regarded as accurate and impartial. Because the market believes that grades from any other laboratory are less accurate and less stringent, diamonds with these reports are worth less. They can't really be compared to diamonds with GIA certificates. The price of discount diamonds with other reports varies by lab, but it is the uncertainty about the quality that makes purchasing a  Loose Diamonds, with any other report risky.

Choose Your Shape

The first step in locating the ideal loose diamond for you is to select a shape. The most common shape is the round brilliant. It has that timeless look that you've seen in a thousand solitaires. Round brilliant cut loose diamonds are also the simplest diamonds to purchase, thanks to GIA and AGS cut grades. If you select a round cut diamond with an excellent cut grade from GIA, also known as an ideal cut, you will be the proud owner of a beautiful and well-crafted diamond. You can also purchase a diamond with an even better cut: a round brilliant hearts and arrows diamond with superior light performance when evaluated with a viewer.

Set Your Budget

You also have to make a choice on whether you are prioritizing quality, even if it means smaller, or prioritizing size, even if it means lower in quality.

You may be looking for a Diamonds, Diamonds ring and sparkling focal point for a ring, browse our wide variety of lab diamonds, we have styles to suit every demand, celebration, and budget! If you are unsure about which type of diamond is best for you, or if you simply want more information, please contact a member of our helpful customer service team. 

You can also compare lab-created and natural diamonds in person by making an appointment at our online Store Shiv Shambu New York, USA. Shiv Shambu intends to exploit the US market for all loose diamonds and diamond jewelry, and it is expected to outperform stores in a variety of new diamonds, shapes, sizes, colors, and diamond jewelry. For more information, please visit our online store,

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