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What Are Pear Cut Diamonds and Its Uses

What Are Pear Cut Diamonds and Its Uses

Why Pear Cut Diamond is Special?

The pear shape Diamond is known as a "fancy shape." This basically means that it is not round. Although the pear is one of the most popular diamond cuts today, it was not very successful when its maker first introduced it to the world. The public loved the cut for its beautiful and unique shape, but diamond cutters of the time were not happy with the loss of rough diamonds during the process of cutting and polishing.

About Pear Cut Diamond

Pear shapes, like marquise cut diamonds, tend to hold more color. Especially visible to the naked eye. However, the same color in a pear shape appears much more yellow. As a result, I recommend selecting a good color for pear cut diamonds. Ideally, 'Top Wessel ton' or higher. A fancy colored pear cut is another viable option. ShivShambu frequently see pear cut diamonds in a wide range of colors. 

The 4 Cs Of Pear Diamonds : Cut, Clarity, Color, & Carat

Understanding the 4 C's (Color, Cut, Carat, Clarity) of a Pear Diamonds and the factors that affect its quality, price and value.


The Cut is unquestionably the most important of the pear shape. The quality of the pear shape has an immediate impact on its value. Shiv Shambu has previously emphasized the significance of symmetry in polished diamonds. The overall beauty of gemstones is always enhanced by symmetry. However, it is even more important in non-round shapes, such as the pear shape. To determine whether a pear shape is symmetrical, draw an imaginary line across the diamond's length and examine the two sides. There is good symmetry if the shoulders, bellies, and wings mirror each other. The Pear Diamond is a standout cut that looks great in a solitaire setting on its own. This simple setting will highlight the stone while also making your finger appear slimmer and longer. Choose the pave setting if you want a little more bling.  


The GIA grades the clarity of pear-shaped diamonds on a scale from FL to I3, where FL means a flawless stone and I3 denotes a heavily incorporated diamond. The point of clarity is common to all diamonds. Depending on their type, inclusions can affect the luster and fire of a diamond. However, pear-cut diamonds, due to their unique cutting style, hide inclusions and defects well, especially if the defects are at the tapered end. In addition, smaller pear-cut diamonds hide imperfections better than larger ones, which is why if you're going to buy a smaller stone, you may want to consider using lower clarity grades such as SI1 and SI1 while keeping the eye clear. You can opt for SI2.


Pear-cut diamonds are graded in color on a scale from D to Z, where D signifies a completely colorless stone and Z means an easily noticeable yellow or brown color. As a general rule, smaller pear-shaped diamonds weighing 0.50 carats or less hide color better than larger ones. Therefore, depending on the size of the diamond you are buying, you may not need to purchase a premium colorless stone, even if you want it to appear white. Although it is generally impossible for the untrained eye to see the difference between two adjacent color grades, the difference in price can be significant. Generally, it is recommended to choose H color or preferably a diamond which will appear white and colorless to the naked eye. However, keep in mind that color comparisons should be done on a case-by-case basis.


Peer cut diamonds vary widely in terms of cut ratio and resultant carat weight. The numbers below are examples of real pear diamonds that were on our list, and are meant to give examples of conversions between size and carat. Pear diamonds of various sizes from 0.25 carat to 6 carat. 

What is Uses of Pear diamonds

Pear cut diamonds in jewelry

Even though pear-shaped diamonds are the fourth most expensive diamond form, we're already talking about a savings of 10% to 15%, when compared to a round cut diamonds & other Diamonds. This form is particularly appealing since it resembles a teardrop and has a lot of personalities. Pear shapes are excellent at hiding inclusions. They function similarly to a round stone at the rounded end of the stone. It's even stronger at disguising inclusions at the pointed edge, making it nearly impossible to spot any errors.

Pear Diamond in Engagement Ring

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Pear Diamond in Eternity bands

This pear-shaped eternity band is so unique because of the inverted shiny teardrop-shaped diamond, alternating around the eternity band. With so many eternity bands available online, the process of choosing the right band can feel overwhelming. It can be hard to look through all of these rings when there are so many choices online, varying in stone, metal and style, but this guide can help you make the right choice. Brighten up your romance with this sensational, teardrop, pear-shaped Diamond Eternity Band. This pear-shaped eternity band is so unique because of the inverted shiny teardrop-shaped diamond, alternating around the eternity band. Especially the sharp peaks of diamonds make your hand look like a high-handed hand. Brighten up your romance with this sensational, teardrop, pear-shaped Diamond Eternity Band.

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