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Best Oval Diamonds With Engagement Ring

Best Oval Diamonds With Engagement Ring

If you're on a low budget, lab-grown Oval-Cut diamonds are your best choice. They can be up to 5% less expensive than other types of diamonds. Oval-cut diamonds appear larger than other diamond shapes of the same carat weight due to their large surface area, making them an excellent choice for an engagement ring.

Oval Cut Diamond 4 C 

The most important factors to consider while shopping for an oval diamond engagement ring are cut, ratio, color, and clarity. These four features can dramatically influence the overall appearance of your oval diamond center stone.

1. Color

ovaldiamonds.jpgColor is more visible in oval diamond than in other diamond shapes. The color grade of a diamond spans from D to Z, with "D" denoting colorlessness and "Z" denoting light color. We recommend a color grade of "H" or above for oval cut diamonds, but we understand that diamond color is a personal preference. In rare situations, a higher color grade oval diamond might look stunning with a rose gold or yellow gold band.

 2. Cut

When picking an oval cut diamond, the cut is unquestionably the most crucial factor to consider. The angles, dimensions, depth, and polished appearance of a diamond are referred to as cut. As a result of the diamond shape's measurements. As a result, you'd want to evaluate an oval cut diamond in person or via a virtual video of the stone. You want rounded ends with no sharp edges or pointy tips in an oval-cut diamond. You should also avoid oval-cut diamonds that bow out on the sides, since this will detract from the ideal oval form you're looking for.

3. Clarity


Because the oval cut Diamonds does not disclose inclusions as quickly as the emerald cut diamond or the radiant cut diamond, clarity is less important. Clarity refers to a diamond's absence of flaws or imperfections, which occur naturally as a result of the Diamond production process. The clarity grade ranges from VVS1 (very minor inclusions) to I3. When it comes to oval cut diamonds, you want the diamond to be eye-clean, which means that no inclusions can be seen with the naked eye. The VS1 (very faint inclusions) and SI2 (slight inclusions) ranges are best for oval cut diamonds, while this is a matter of personal opinion.

4. Ratio

Traditionally, oval cut diamonds had more width than height sitting wider on the finger. We have noticed a sharp pivot towards oval cut diamonds with a higher length to width ratio making the oval appear narrower on the finger. 


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