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Best Oval-Cut Diamonds and Its Benefits with Quality

Best Oval Cut Diamonds and Its Benefits with Quality

If you want a classic American engagement ring with some fresh take,Suggest an oval cut diamond. The oval cut first appeared in the 1960s, so it relatively new and popular. Oval cut engagement rings have a number of advantages over the more prevalent Round cut diamond, although as with any precious stone, it’s important to know how to choose a good quality Diamonds that is right for you.


Advantages of Oval-Cut Diamonds

More sparkle:-

When you can choose a ring with an oval cut Diamonds focus stone, you are guaranteed of a wonderful sparkle on your finger. The way a diamond is cut determines its sparkle and brilliance, and the oval cut is one of the brightest cuts of all.

More affordable:-

As an extra benefit, the larger surface area of an oval cut diamond makes it look larger than a round cut of the same size, so if you prefer a setting with a large diamond, this is a good affordable option. An oval cut diamond will cost less than a round cut diamond of the same carat and clarity, allowing you to buying a larger diamond for the same price.

Slimming effect on fingers:

If you're going to look for a slim fitting effect, the diamond's oval shape can make a woman's fingers appear smaller and thinner. Always try on different shaped stones before making a final decision to ensure that the shape of your ring complements your finger.

Doesn’t catch or scratch:-

Any Diamonds with sharp corners is likely to catch on surfaces while you are performing routine tasks, leading to the risk of breaking the prongs which set the stone in place. There are no sharp corners on an oval cut diamond, so it is a great practical wear for every day. An oval diamond’s prongs are far less likely to break than the prongs of a square cut diamond.


The oval-cut diamond is a more unique choice, and you can also select from a variety of settings. You can choose between a 4-prong, 6-prong, or bezel setting for an oval-cut stone. A four-prong setting is less obtrusive, allowing you to focus on your diamond, and because the oval-cut is less likely to catch, the four prongs may be sufficient to secure it. The six-prong setting does provide extra security by providing a firm hold, but a smaller diamond may be overshadowed by the additional metal. A bezel setting, on the other hand, is a strip of metal that encircles the stone and secures it in place.


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