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Best Diamond Wedding Rings & Diamond Engagement Rings

Best Diamond Wedding Rings & Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamonds are generally formed over millions of years at tremendously high pressures and temperatures. For a long time, people have attempted to extract the ordinary world and universe into examples and figures through decoration. The Celtics, the tribal people who governed ancient Europe, wore gems for their mystical significance.

Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamond band rings are known for their simple design and classic style. They are wonderful wedding bands since they stack well with beautiful engagement rings and may be dressed casually with a plain metal band or dressed with encrusted jewels, depending on your personal style. They also work well as a daily ring if you don't want to wear your engagement ring on a regular basis.

Wedding Diamond Ring

This delicately curved wedding band features marquise cut diamond nestled within a beautifully sculpted metal vine. This luminous ring is adorned with glittering French pave-set diamonds that extend three-fourths of the way around the finger, making it the perfect wedding or anniversary band.

Diamond Ring

French pave diamonds continue to be a popular choice Diamond accents flow halfway down the band and catch the eye in this classic yet stunning ring. Paired with an engagement ring or standing alone, this ring is perfect for everyday wear. This beautiful antique-style ring is engraved with delicate scrolls that wind around the top and sides of the band. Brilliant round diamond adorn the band for eye-catching sparkle. 

Necklace with  Diamond

This handcrafted pendant was created in collaboration with the Rainforest Alliance to raise awareness about climate change and the loss of the rainforest. It is inspired by the characteristic curves of the Amazon River. A gleaming silver forest and a glistening diamond-accented river are mirrored by space, symbolizing the unknown future that we have the power to alter. We support the Rainforest Alliance's objective of creating a more sustainable world in the Amazon and beyond by donating to them.

Shiv Shambu Jewelers who claim to sell "conflict-free" diamonds are following the Diamond Process classification, which describes diamonds as raw diamonds used to fund governments' conflicts. Large amounts of diamonds tainted by violence, human rights violations, poverty, environmental degradation, and other challenges are not included in this description. We go above and beyond the norm by offering diamonds that have been hand-picked for their ethical and environmentally conscious origins.

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