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Why Round Cut Diamond is Popular for Engagement Ring?

Why Round Cut Diamond is Popular for Engagement Ring?

Are you looking for the best round cut diamonds? Many people want a round cut diamond in their engagement or wedding rings because it is the most popular Diamond shape, but few know how to shop for good round diamonds. We have all the suggestions you need to find the best round-cut diamonds so that the most popular diamond shape surely sings on your finger.

There's a reason why round-cut diamonds are the most popular—with their classic, effortless shine and aesthetic, round diamonds account for roughly two-thirds of diamonds purchased for engagement rings. Round brilliant diamonds are the most radiant round-cut diamond because of their fire and scintillation. 

About Round Cut Diamonds

Round cut diamonds are specially designed to refracting the whitest light. Diamonds can be cut in this manner by utilizing the many facets found in these types of diamonds and properly proportioning them. Round cut Diamonds can be found in a wide variety of shapes, but the round shape is the most popular and excellent due to its natural symmetry.

Consider the crown, pavilion, and table facets, which must all be of high quality and popular shaped. Compare this with an old European cut, which has a similar shape but is proportionally different. This cut is generally taller, with smaller tables and heavier crowns that don't provide as much brilliance. Modern technology enables Round cuts that catch and refract white light the best.

People still love this cut and shape for a number of reasons, especially for the:


The round-shape diamond makes a simple but striking statement that is beautiful and will last a lifetime.


This shape is suitable for almost any ring setting and style. This shape works well with modern or traditional styles, main or side stones, and settings ranging from halo to three stones.

With total circular symmetry and 58 precisely cut facets, there is a special shine and brilliance.

A round brilliant diamond is a great choice if you want a ring that goes with everything, exudes class and elegance, and is appreciated by everyone. Clean Origin works with labs that are ethically sourced to create real, stunning, and affordable diamonds for you and your partner.

You can find the perfect modern Round Brilliant Cut Diamond for your special event that is better for the environment and does not compromise on quality. Hand-selected round cut diamonds guarantee only the best features, and because all of our diamonds are made with integrity, you can be confident in your decision for the rest of your life. With us, you can find the round, brilliant-cut diamond of your dreams.

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