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Pear Shaped Diamonds and Best for Diamond  Rings

Pear Shaped Diamonds and Best for Diamond Rings

The pear cut combines aspects of the current round luxurious cut with the diamond marquee cut, to achieve a teardrop-like cutting style. A pear shaped diamond is a beautiful choice for an engagement ring because of its graceful and slender look. In this comprehensive article, I'll reveal the inner secrets to choosing a stunning pear-shaped diamond and saving a ton of money on your engagement ring. I'll also show you what to look for and what not to look for in a well-cut diamond. Finally, take a look at some of the best ring setting styles for pear cut diamonds.

Benefits of Pear Cut Diamond

Like other fancy shaped diamonds, GIA does not assign any cut grade in their report for pear shape diamonds. This can make shopping very tricky for first-time jewelers and it doesn’t help that the majority of diamonds in the market are poorly cut. Below, I’ve compiled a table of ideal proportions you can use as a guide to avoiding terribly cut diamonds. This will help you quickly weed out poorly cut stones and narrow down your selections.

Pear Cut Diamond Tip or Bow-Ties

A pear cut diamond engagement ring is traditionally worn with the tip pointed away from the wearer.  Wearing the ring in this style will help to give the impression of a long, slender finger by drawing the eye down your fingers. On the other hand, it's completely OK to wear the Pear Diamond on your finger with the tip pointed towards you. At the end of the day, beauty is defined by the person who sees it. I'd like to emphasize that you can't judge the appearance of a fancy diamond solely on the basis of numbers. You should also use tangible evidence such as video content to assist you study its optical performance for a more accurate assessment. 

pear diamond shape and clear

Pear diamonds with depth ratios of 58-64 percent and table sizes of 60-65 percent tend to have more fire and brightness, according to experience. It's also completely fine for a pear shape diamond's girdle thickness to be thicker to provide added mechanical properties. Check out these two examples with excellent light performance and contrast patterning to get a sense of what a well-cut pear diamond looks like in real life.

pear diamond grade and good outlines

I realise I'm starting to sound like a broken record, but I want to underline that the grading report alone does not provide you with enough information to make an informed purchasing decision. While the grading certificate contains physical measurements of the diamond, it does not describe the diamond's appearance. This is where a picture or video of the diamond, especially if you're buying online, comes in handy. When purchasing pear shaped Diamonds, there are a few things to keep in mind. I've selected some examples of pear diamonds with good outlines.

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