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Diamond Engagement Rings

How to Buy a Diamond Engagement Rings - Shiv Shambu

To buy a diamond engagement ring under your budget, you’ll most likely have the choice between the near-colorless and faint-yellow categories. The truth of the matter is, much like a diamond’s clarity, the difference between a colorless and near-colorless diamond can only be identified by a trained professional, under bright light, using a magnification tool. Otherwise, to the naked eye, a near-colorless diamond looks just as good as a colorless one.

Choose a Lab-Grown Diamond For RIng

    In the market, a lab-grown diamond is significantly undervalued. It has the same chemical and physical properties as an earth-mined diamond. The only distinction is that it is manufactured in a laboratory. For a variety of reasons, lab-grown diamonds are about 40% less expensive than diamonds mined on the ground. It is easily accessible and requires far less effort to obtain. A natural diamond takes billions of years to produce. Because a Lab-Grown Diamond can be created in as little as ten weeks, its value in the jewelry market is significantly lower.

    If you are hoping to shop for a larger diamond, for example, diamonds that are 2 Carats or more, it’s time to consider a lab-grown diamond ring. The only difference is how they are made. The traditional earth-mined diamond forms deep within the earth’s core. Lab-grown diamonds are formed by mimicking the same conditions of the earth’s core, to create a diamond in a laboratory. This makes lab-grown diamonds far more affordable to purchase than earth-mined diamonds.

    Alternatives to Diamonds

      If you want to get that Big Diamond Ring on a shoestring budget, the best option is to skip the diamond and settle for a different stone for your engagement ring. For jewels that seem almost identical to diamonds, you have two choices. This is where you'll find your Ashiv Diamonds LLC. These are popular budget-friendly engagement ring options.

      Another option for an engagement ring with a diamond that looks significantly large, but at a lower cost, is a Fancy diamond engagement ring. Fancy diamonds are favored by many cost-conscious jewelry collectors as it looks almost identical to a diamond to an untrained eye. This makes it a great alternative to a diamond.

      Select a Diamond with Extra Clarity

        Clarity enhanced diamonds are natural diamonds with imperfections and defects that have been treated to conceal them. As a result, the diamond seems to be spotless but is sold for a far lower cost. If you want a larger diamond but don't want to spend more than $1,0000, this is a perfect option.

        Fancy diamonds are one of the  round diamond ring can make it look much more valuable. A ring with many diamonds adds texture and decorative aspects to the ring. The diamonds collectively reflect more light, resulting in a brighter ring.

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